A Private Cosmetology and Barber Institute

Offering individualized attention in an upscale salon spa environment.

Sam Brown’s offers Certified Matrix/Craft Education classes to both full-time and part-time students. Part-time schedules are available either on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Thursday, Friday and Saturday. With a limit of 30 students, Sam Brown’s Cosmetology & Barber Institute is a private school, offering individualized attention to its students in an upscale full-service salon spa environment. Sam Brown’s considers both classtime and clinic floor experience extremely important. Because of the location of the school and the upscale environment, students receive a great deal of hands-on experience working with actual clients in all aspects of the cosmetology field. The theory and practical class hours are completely separate from clinic floor hours, allowing the student uninterrupted hours dedicated to the classroom setting.

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Scholarships are available for students beginning at Sam Brown’s Cosmetology & Barber Institute in August and September! Follow the links below to talk about your potential future career and apply today.

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