I started Sam Brown Cosmetology in March 2014 as a part time student. Immediately i was thrown into the world of cosmetology and was doing hands on activities with mannequins. In May I started on the floor and of course I was nervous but once I got out there all the nerves left and I got to work. Sam Brown encourages professionalism at all times and once I was out on that floor I felt like a was actually working in a salon. In September I was able to go full time and that's when I felt like things really took off for me. Thoughout the program I was able to take mock board examinations, so when it came time to take my boards I was fully prepared and breezed right through them. My instructors were a huge help from start to finish during my time there. I couldn't have asked for better instructors. I am so grateful to have been a student as Sam Brown cosmetology!